USA Luray Primitive History Park
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Over 30 acres of primitive farm land with horses, The Old Ice House, Meadows with wild flowers and Wetlands, Forests,
Streams, Geese, rabbits and all the wildlife at our
Frontier Town and  Primitive History Park - so you can
Experience "
Iyuptala" Oness.  Discover and learn the real history that the
text books would not print about our ancestors.

 2 hours SW of Washington DC.

Reservations and Donations
  Classes  -  Retreats - Horse Trail Rides - Tour Packages - Weekend Visits - Week Stay - Hiking Trips - Horse Hiking Trips -
Survival Weekend -  Evening Under the Stars - Cow Boy Fireside Sing Along -  Tee Pee Visits - luxury Campfire Dinners -
Outdoor Barbecue Rendezvous Trading Day - Coming soon - USA Luray Cabaret Dinner Show
Outfitters Whoa Down Dancing  -  Campfire Pow Wows -
Americana History Outfitters for the day, week or total makeover from Hat to Heels.

Special Package: Americana Primitive History
Getaway Hideaway Wellness Makeover and Frontier Outfitting

Learn how to live off the land and Getting Back to Basics

Frontier Town Building Lots now being developed for
Dwellings for sale at USA Luray New Frontiers Learning Park
To inquire: email

Pre American and American History That Will Surprise You

Lodging and training Programs available with our
Taking Care of People New Frontiers Park
We have lodging programs and soon homes and year round
Programs for visitors from all over the world.
We also build construction teams from people
from all parts of the US to help
Taking Care of People Construction Needs Throughout the US
to build other New Frontiers Parks

Taking Care of People 24/7 Live
Radio Station Coming Soon

Equine Stuff

Horse Talk

AKC Shih Tzu Puppy Therapy Nursery

New Book Release coming soon
"Soul Tied To God" by Bonnie Kaufmann
E Book download in PDF.  Donation of $15.00 Best Deal is $60.00 Annually
 Soul Tied To God  - New Chapter Aditions Contuied Monthly
God's Manna for Your Soul $5.00 monthly or $60 annually
(STTG Book is donated with prepaid annual membership of $60.)
STTG Manna

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LIFE Planners is a not for profit organization that helps people learn more about how to make A Better Choice
when it comes to important decisions in life. Including Legal, Insurance, Financial, and Estate and
Elder Law issues - but more importantly how to improve and protect their quality of LIFE and
getting back to basics of taking care of each other.
The Learning Park is located in Luray, VA - at the foot hills of
Blue Ridge Mountains 2 hours
SW of Washington DC.
Lodging is available for individuals, families and
business get aways, conferences,
meetings and special events.

For more information visit  ABC Learning Park - Critter Park
email us. or call 888 865 2612

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